Argument matching #

Argument matchers are placeholders use to specify what values can be used in a function. They can be used with stubs and verification.

Check equality
(TODO) Checking if an argument is equal using eq, refEq, isNull, and more.
Allow any argument
(TODO) anything goes here.
Argument of a certain type
(TODO) Don’t allow anyone, just arguments that are ofType.
Assertions with an argument
Using withArg to run assertions in verify calls.
Custom matching functions
(TODO) Adding additional matchers with the match function.
Capture arguments to check later
(TODO) capture arguments out of stubs and verify calls into a slot.
Variable arguments
(TODO) Matching variable arguments with anyVararg and more.
Matching smaller numbers, bigger numbers, and more.
Combine matchers
(TODO) Logical operators and, or, not for matchers.
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